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It’s only natural for any startup founder to expect a straightforward answer to the often-asked question, “how much does it cost to build an app,” before getting starting with the app building process. Part of the reason for this is to have a good idea of how much of an investment is actually going to be required to turn an idea into a beautiful, profitable reality. Startup owners may also want to know if it’s worth their effort to proceed with what they have in mind, or if it may be best to rethink their concept to fit what’s realistically affordable. The short answer is that it can cost anywhere from $25,0000 for a simple, one-platform app to around a million bucks for a complex, feature-loaded app. Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the truth behind how much it costs to build a native app.

Factors Affecting Mobile App Design and Development

Costs for app development are going to vary based on several factors. You’ll pay more to hire an agency specializing in mobile app design, but you’ll have instant access to everything you need to get started and all of the talent you need. Freelancers can save you money if you choose wisely, but it’s a more time-consuming process to find and hire freelancers.

Regardless of which option you prefer, you have to make sure anyone you hire to build has the skills to build for your preferred device and operating system or you definitely won’t be seeing much of a return on your investment. There’s also a difference what what you can expect to pay a mobile app developer to create a standalone app and what it will cost to build an app that will require the integration of application programming interfaces (APIs) and a backend server. Keep the following tips and insights in mind when it comes to development cost:

  • Complexity, platform, and features will affect costs
  • Simple apps are usually less expensive to build than complex ones
  • Costs will vary based on who you hire to build your app
  • Include expenses for marketing, backend updates, salaries for your team members, fees for agencies or freelancers, and other related expenses when preparing your budget

Where you have an app built will also affect costs. There may be cheaper agencies outside of the United States, but it’s also important to keep quality and your feedback and communication structures in mind when making your choice. Follow this basic thought process when figuring out costs: initial mobile app design and development expenses + the “extras” mentioned above = your estimated costs.

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